A commissioned sculpture can be a very individual way to commemorate a person or an event - or just a special gift for a wedding, birthday or anniversary.

And it isn't necessarily hugely expensive. A unique 'one-off' sculpture is indeed VERY costly but several of my editions have arisen because a private client has wanted to commission a piece and has allowed me to make an edition of it.

This makes it much (MUCH) more affordable. It wouldn't necessarily be more expensive than one of my existing editions. The commissioning client has the first cast/s - and that first cast will always be the least expensive. I pledge that none of the subsequent casts in the edition will sell for less.

Any of my small pieces can be thought of as maquettes for larger pieces - or, if you like a piece of my sculpture that is no longer available (or you want a slightly different version), contact me to discuss your ideas and I’ll let you know how feasible (and how much!)